Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet Victory!

Today, less than a month after kicking off our fundraising, we've reached our goal!!! Ross's Gator Crusaders has $1000+!!! We are truly grateful to all who have helped us reach our goal. But with just under four weeks to go, we're not stopping here! Ross wants to set a new goal of $1,500, so here we come!

Are you familiar with the Relay for Life and MDA paper symbol campaigns? You often see their little paper symbols lining the walls of gas stations or department stores. Customers can purchase them for $1. Well JDRF has one as well. They have a paper sneaker campaign. Edward started a campaign in his office this afternoon and already received $34 in a few hours! He has also contacted Commerce Bank in Bonne Terre, and they've graciously agreed to help with the campaign. And of course Farmington's best restaurant in town, The Branding Iron, has also agreed to help with the campaign. We are anticipating some great results!

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